Icon of the Emperor of Slavia

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Experience the divine presence with our hand-painted “Jesus Christ” icon, available exclusively by special order. Crafted on premium linden wood, each piece can be customized to your preferred dimensions, from 15×25 cm to 60×80 cm. Expect a 20-30 day crafting period with a 30% advance payment. For urgent needs, explore our “In stock” options. Embrace the sacred essence of Christ’s love and grace in your space today.


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Immerse yourself in the divine presence with our exclusive hand-painted icon of “Jesus Christ.” Crafted with unparalleled skill and devotion, this sacred masterpiece is available only by special order, allowing you to customize it to your desired dimensions. Choose from sizes ranging from 15×25 cm to 60×80 cm, ensuring the perfect fit for your sacred space.

Each icon is meticulously painted on premium linden wood, with the option for swallowtail and gold leaf accents upon request, adding a touch of majestic splendour to the sacred imagery. Please note that due to the intricate nature of our craftsmanship, each order requires 20-30 days to complete. To initiate the order process, a 30% advance payment is required, securing your place in our artisan’s queue.

For those with time constraints, we also offer a selection of icons readily available in stock, marked with a convenient “in stock” badge on our website. These icons provide a quick and convenient option for those seeking immediate spiritual solace or searching for a meaningful gift without the wait.

Elevate your spiritual journey with our hand-painted icon of “Jesus Christ,” a timeless symbol of faith and devotion that serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who seek His eternal grace.


Width 0.2cm
Height 0.5cm
Length 20cm
Weight 0.009kg